Secure your Doors and Windows

The most integral part of the secure home is safe doors and windows. These are the points from where house can be accessed, so the security of doors and windows are of utmost importance.

  • Change all the regular entry doors of the house to metal doors that are secured with quality locks. It is better to use deadbolt locks with horizontal bolts.
  • The back door leading to the garage should also be made up of metal and secured with good quality lock.

Secure your Doors and Windows

  • Security film should be used to strengthen the glass panel of the window that is near to the door lock so that it cannot be broken to reach the lock
  • Stoppers should be installed in the windows so that they do not open wide enough to allow entry.
  • Home security alarm system should also be attached to the windows.
  • Whenever you buy a new home it is advised to change all locks and security systems before you move in.
  • A deadbolt is a better option than a spring latch, because the space between the frame and the door is the place where all tools and hacksaw are used.
  • Entrance area of the house should never be left without proper lighting. Lights with infrared detectors should be installed.

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